AWE Ventures

AWE Ventures — Powered by Ben Franklin matches the insight and strength of AWE’s committed and strong network supporting women in entrepreneurship with the investment leadership of Ben Franklin to expand the potential of women in the entrepreneurial and investing communities.  Donate Today

By using an innovative model that draws on crowdfunding and donations, everyone can be involved in supporting women-led ventures.  AWE Ventures — Powered by Ben Franklin is built from three major components:

  • A crowd-funded, donation-driven capital pool exclusively in support of women-led startups and emerging enterprises. AWE and Ben Franklin will work together to engage donors in the world of investments in early-stage women-led enterprises. Ben Franklin will match contributions up to $250,000 to form a total contribution pool of $500,000, and will manage the process of investment in these companies.

  • Mentorship programs that combine Ben Franklin’s world-class model for due diligence with the experience of the AWE community, to provide hands-on support for entrepreneurs from both organizations’ shared networks of capital, counsel and connections.

  • Events, workshops and published content to empower potential entrepreneurs and investors with stories of success from each organization's network of leaders, celebrating the progress of women in entrepreneurship and investing.