AWE Ventures

AWE Ventures — Powered by Ben Franklin matches the insight and strength of AWE’s committed and strong network supporting women in entrepreneurship with the investment leadership of Ben Franklin to expand the potential of women in the entrepreneurial and investing communities.  Donate Today

By using an innovative model that draws on crowdfunding and donations, everyone can be involved in supporting women-led ventures.  AWE Ventures — Powered by Ben Franklin is built from three major components:

  • A crowd-funded, donation-driven capital pool exclusively in support of women-led startups and emerging enterprises. AWE and Ben Franklin will work together to engage donors in the world of investments in early-stage women-led enterprises. Ben Franklin will match contributions up to $250,000 to form a total contribution pool of $500,000, and will manage the process of investment in these companies.

  • Mentorship programs that combine Ben Franklin’s world-class model for due diligence with the experience of the AWE community, to provide hands-on support for entrepreneurs from both organizations’ shared networks of capital, counsel and connections.

  • Events, workshops and published content to empower potential entrepreneurs and investors with stories of success from each organizations’ network of leaders, celebrating the progress of women in entrepreneurship and investing.

Wells Fargo Supports AWE Ventures—Powered by Ben Franklin
Wells Fargo Becomes Gold Partner for the women-focused investing and entrepreneurship initiative of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs.  More

Meet Our Funded Companies

Dynamis Skin Science, Inc. | Annette M. Tobia, Founder and CEO
While testing compounds that might reduce these complications in diabetes, scientists from Philadelphia's Fox Chase Cancer Center unexpectedly noticed that a test compound had favorable effects on the texture and elasticity of skin. Further research and development resulted in Supplamine®, which address the effects on skin resulting from glycation and oxidative stress. As a result, MEG 21 skincare products were formulated. Our mission is to promote better, younger, and moister skin with patented MEG 21 skincare products containing clinically-tested Supplamine®.

Invisalert | Dr. Michele Marcolongo and Regina Widdows
Invisalert develops compliance-based patient safety solutions using a proprietary technology platform.  
We specialize in resolving costly non-compliance issues in the acute healthcare, corrections, drug delivery, long-term care, youth and special education markets.  Our solutions are tailored to meet the demanding requirements of complex workflows and their critical communications needs. Invisalert was founded by a veteran team with diverse and deep experience in both healthcare and product commercialization and launching and operating successful technology companies.

LIA Diagnostics Inc. | Bethany Edwards, CEO
LIA Diagnostics is a seed-stage diagnostics company currently focused on developing a flushable, biodegradable, urine-based diagnostic pregnancy test.

MilkCrate | Morgan Berman, CEO
My MilkCrate is an innovative lifestyle tool that engages and rewards people for living more sustainably. The app shows consumers local sustainable options for dining, shopping, transit, and many other lifestyle categories; providing thousands of listings in one beautiful seamless experience. We do this through strategic data partnerships with well-respected nonprofits, enabling My MilkCrate users to support local businesses and learn about sustainability efforts in their community.

ROAR for Good | Yasmine Mustafa, CEO
ROAR is a pre-revenue company that is currently finalizing its suite of products. ROAR is a graduate of DreamIT Ventures Philadelphia and the Project Liberty Digital Incubation program run by the Knight Foundation and Ben Franklin. The product helps reduce the incidence of attacks against women while addressing the underlying causes of violence. The company has built working prototypes of fashionable self-defense wearable jewelry with embedded logic that when activated (by pressing a button on the jewelry) sound an alarm.