2008 Fellows Update

Shelby Zitelman - Awarded Fellowship at the PresenTense Institute
Shelby Zitelman, WIN Fellow 2008, was awarded a fellowship at the PresenTense Institute (www.presentense.org ) in Jerusalem, Israel this past summer. There she was working on a project called The Level8 Network, a philanthropy fund, that seeks to engage young Jewish professionals in philanthropy by utilizing their pooled donations and professional skills to support Jewish organizations that are creating community-wide impact.
She is currently living in Jerusalem continuing to work on The Level8 Network, chairing the PresenTense Institute Steering Committee, and studying part-time at The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

Kathryn Hall - Power Up Gambia
Power Up Gambia has grown exponentially since I became a WIN Fellow. We have tripled our volunteer staff and brought sustainability to our organization.
As my medical school career increases in its intensity, we have begun the process of hiring a new Executive Director to bring new energy to our work in The Gambia. In the last year, we have successfully installed a solar energy system at one of The Gambia's largest hospitals. With a successful project to demonstrate effectiveness of solar, we are garnering more support and visibility both here at home and in The Gambia. With this new momentum we are close to reaching our fundraising goal ($105,000) for the Somita Clinic Project. The Somita Clinic, a satellite clinic of our first project site, will soon be able to turn on their lights, refrigerate vaccines, and use their lab equipment. The best thing about being involved with Power Up Gambia has been seeing the efforts of a community here in the U.S. save lives in a small village in The Gambia. Through WIN, I have been working with Julie Cohen an exceptional coach and mentor. She has not only guided important decisions related to our organization but, through her, I have gained confidence in my abilities to be a young female leader.