Join a Network of Women Moving to the Next Level.

We offer a membership that reflects where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. To determine the level of membership that is appropriate for you, read the descriptions below and select the membership that reflects you and your business.

If you’re already an AWE member, you can renew your membership here.

Employer Entrepreneur | $250

You are a female founder or majority owner of company (51% or more in ownership) with a target minimum of $250,000 in annual revenue and at least one employee. AWE membership will connect you to the region’s largest network dedicated to the support and advancement of women high-growth entrepreneurs.

Solo Entrepreneur | $250

You are a female lifestyle entrepreneur or sole proprietorship who has limited overhead and no employees, but you want to strategically grow beyond your existing scope. AWE membership can help you find the resources and practical advice you need through our extensive network of entrepreneurial expertise and experience.

Just Getting Started Entrepreneur | $100

You are a female-founded start-up or a female interested in learning how to start and grow a business. AWE membership provides the benefit of belonging to an organization where new, start-up organizations can learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, funders and business leaders in order to take the next step in their growth. (Limited to one membership year)

Funder | $350

You are actively involved in providing funding for entrepreneurial businesses through venture capital, angel investing, crowd-funding, traditional funding sources, or government agencies. AWE membership allows you to gain access to the largest community of women entrepreneurs who are actively seeking capital and resources to launch and build businesses.

C-Suite | $350

You are a C-Suite officer, senior-level manager or director of a company that has expertise and advice to share with women founders and entrepreneurs. Join AWE to share your savvy business advice and connect with other senior-level women who share your passion for business and interest in moving the needle for high-growth women entrepreneurs.