We Scale Women-Founded Companies.

The Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs strives to serve women founders who are actively scaling their businesses. Many of our members are classified as high-growth companies, or Gazelles, and we want more women-founded businesses to reach this level. These women come to AWE because they’ve moved past how-to workshops and incubators. They have founded successful companies – and they come here to achieve more.

AWE engages these like-minded, like-motivated women in forums of their peers where they can exchange experience, advice and strategy that propels their businesses to the next level. The trust-network that AWE has established is powerful, as our Gazelle members are a small percentile of women-owned businesses, and thus require top-level, in-depth advice to advance as leaders and to scale their companies.

"AWE’s network has impacted my business by giving me a group of women who understand the challenges in founding a company, proving your concept and then ...successfully scaling."

- Ellie Stang
CEO, Progeny Health

Specifically, AWE offers Founders' Roundtables where these connections and conversations can happen in person, as well as GazelleWire, a Founders-only listserv so that growth can continue to happen in the virtual space. In addition to fostering this network, AWE also provides access to investors who are actively seeking to invest in women-founded companies.

If you are a women founder scaling your business and you need more thought leadership, experience and advice from fellow women founders within a robust entrepreneurial community, AWE is the place for you.

Our Mission

The Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) leads the mid-Atlantic region in advancing high-growth businesses founded by women. Through its powerful network, access to funding, and community of role models, AWE identifies companies with the potential to scale and helps them grow. We are proud of our members who have founded innovative ventures that have resulted in significant growth and economic impact.