We're Growing

To the ecosystem that supports women founders -

The Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) was founded to help women connect and scale their businesses. Over the last few years, we have worked hard to pivot the organization to better support high-growth female founders.

I am so grateful to my predecessor, Ellie Stang, who has helped us through our biggest transitionary years. Her leadership has allowed us to keep our focus and I’m excited that she will continue to remain a part of our network as a member.

As I look at what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed, I have two primary goals for my time as president:

  1. Increase the membership of established founders
  2. Increase our visibility so that future women founders have the role models they need

We have transformed the profile of our organization and now over 80% of our members are women founders. I want us to continue that growth by targeting established founders, especially those at an inflection point and ready to scale significantly.

We will continue to focus our Roundtables on topics that are critical to this type of founder, such as strategically planning for growth and proactively preparing an exit strategy. Whether you are self-funding or seeking growth capital, join these critical conversations.

AWE’s strength comes from who is at the table. This is our opportunity as female founders to learn from each other’s experiences and share resources that have been helpful as our businesses have become more mature.

All of the effort we put in to helping our founders scale ultimately pushes the bounds of what can be accomplished for the next generation of founders. We as an organization need to increase our visibility so that we not only attract established founders as members now, but serve as role models for the women founders of tomorrow.

My plan to accomplish that includes engaging with the right partners because they serve as our trusted advisors and are integral to our success. We have the opportunity to grow and scale together.

We also want to remain a cornerstone of the entrepreneurial community in Philadelphia - and beyond. Through our larger events as well as our newsletter, we will serve as a key touch point for those who want to know what it means to be a high-growth female founder.

As a founder entrepreneur myself, I have benefited tremendously from my membership with AWE. I look forward to meeting those who become a part of our network for the first time, and to forging stronger relationships with those that have been involved for twenty years.

To a bright future,

Rose Cook
Founder and CEO of The FlexPro Group
President of The Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs