To the Next 20 Years

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With 20 years behind us, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) stands at a pivotal point in our legacy. We’ve created an ecosystem of passionate, goal-oriented women and continue to build a powerhouse that will thrive for another twenty years.

We choose to focus on women founders who are actively scaling their companies and tailor our offerings to fit their needs. We’ve tightened our programs and will continue to develop our digital tools so that members can benefit from the AWE network whenever and wherever they need it.

As part of our focus on founders, we will be taking steps during the first part of my term to identify not only venture funded high-growth companies, but also founders that have bootstrapped their way to growth. Statistically, women often have to find alternative paths to funding, and we want to ensure that all high-growth women founders can tap into our collective experience and expertise.

Our organization thrives when our members connect. Our Founders' Roundtables epitomize our purpose, and we look forward to these robust conversations every month in order to learn from each other’s triumphs and failures.

I could not be more honored to serve as AWE’s president at this exciting juncture. Thank you to our sponsors for your continued support and to our members, AWE would not be the organization it is today without you.

To the future,

Ellen Stang
Founder, ProgenyHealth®
President, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs